IPS PS Umrangal Seek Case Diary of The Challan

Umranangal has appealed to the court to instruct the government to submit a case diary of the challan filed against him. however, the court rejected the demand for a case diary filed by IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal.

It sounds as if he has been falsely implicated within the case and it’s a big conspiracy against him to tarnish his image. This decision was because of the involvement of various prominent dignitaries and politicians.

Various Congress leaders were also believed to be involved in this whole case, and that they were in fear to get caught by the police. It is worth mentioning that the case diary is a document in which any investigative team records the complete details of inquiries from the nominees daily.

Police Officers Stabbed in the Case Diary

The demand for 5 police officers nominated in Kotkapura incident hasn't been pursued, though the matter has now been adjourned. Four of the five police officers and former Akali MLA Mantar Singh Brar appeared in the Faridkot court, even though the police officer was acquitted.

While the case can't be handed over to the nominee or persons in the case diary, the accused parties have demanded that the case diary be presented to a valid court.

Various leaders were also believed to be involved in this whole case, and they are feeling the heat and are in fear to get caught by the police.

It is still a dilemma whether Paramraj Singh Umranangal IPS gave the firing orders or not?

Since Lok Sabha elections were going to happen, therefore CM Singh took a cursory action and arrested the cop, hence proving the fact that this move was made for political gains only. igp umranangal arrest is a politically motivated move.

IG and SSP Arrest by SIT is Politically Motivated

Sukhbir Badal claimed that the arrest of the SSP Charanjit Sharma and IG Paramraj Singh Umranangal by SIT was politically motivated and that they‘ve got nothing to do with Behbal Kalan Firing Case & Kotakpura Firing Case.

During his visit to the city for a meeting of party workers, junior Badal said the officers were being victimized. he claimed that the SIT report has not been prepared by SIT independently, even there are daggers drawn in SIT team.

“Captain had vowed to eradicate drug threat from state and an array of other promises were made in the past of assembly elections however not just a single promise was fulfilled,” Senior Badal said adding, “Captain is afraid of facing the people and that’s the reason he doesn't meet anybody.

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